Southern California Freeway Schedule

Monday: Small Arms Only = .38 caliber & under
Tuesday: Ladies Shotgun Day
Wednesday: Men's Large Caliber = Scoped rifles only
Thrusday: Automatic Weapon Day
Friday: Cannon & Bazooka Day = Hand grenades Okay (morning only)
Saturday: Mens' & Women's Open = Competition for prizes (Most cars, highest total value)
Sunday: Gun Cleaning Day = Slingshots, squirt guns, gestures of profanity. NO thrown objects!)

If you're planning a trip to Southern California, please arm yourself according to the above schedule. Failure to comply will suspend you from freeway use. Additional violations will result in revocation of use of freeways and permanent placement on a L.A. Rapid Transit District bus.

L.A./Long Beach: 1-213-TAR-GETS
San Fernando Valley:1-818-BUL-LETS
Orange County: 1-714-HAND-GUN
San Diego: 1-619-WEA-PONS
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