Bumper Snickers

Quit Honking!
I'm Reloading!
I may be slow but
I'm ahead of YOU!
Don't laugh!
It's paid for!
Of all the things I've lost,
I miss my mind the most.
Out of my mind,
Back in five minutes.
I'd give you a piece of my
mind, but I can't spare any.
I am NOT spoiled!
I'm not! I'm NOT, I'M NOT!
Bad cop.
No doughnut.
Retr... Rerti...Rtir...
I don't work any more!
The meek shall inherit the
earth - 6' x 6' x 3'
My other car is
my shoes!
If you can read this,
You're more literate than most!
Don't mess with Texas!
(You might get some on you!)
If at first you don't succeed,
You're about average!
Born free...
taxed to death!
D.A.R.E. to keep your cop
out of the doughnut shop.
Don't wash this car!
(the dirt holds it together!)
They who laugh last,
didn't get the joke.
I don't think we're in
Kansas any more, Toto.
The meek will inherit the earth
What's left of it, anyway.
My Wife's car is
a broom!
Friends don't let friends
drive a Ford
As long as there are tests,
There will be prayers in school!
Friends don't let friends
drive a Chevy
I get enough exercise
just pushing my luck!
Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy.
Other Times I Let Her Sleep.
My Wife's car is
a broom!
Will work for food.
Will beg for sex.
I'm not spoiled,
Just well taken care of.
I'm a Blonde
What's YOUR excuse?
I'll do the rest.
Just hand over the chocolate
and nobody gets hurt!
Learn from your parents mistakes.
Use birth control.
Stop repeat offenders!
Don't re-elect them!
You CAN trust the government.
Just ask an Indian!
Taxation WITH representation
ain't so hot either!
If you can read this,
I can hit my brakes and make lots of money!
If we are what we eat,
I'm cheap, fast, and easy!
I'm not spoiled,
My Daddy just loves me!
Discourage Inbreeding
Ban country music
Work harder - millions on
welfare depend on you!
Hey! It's HARD
to be a Princess!
Seen on California cars
Welcome to California.
Now go home!
I-5 North, I-80 East.
"I feel the earth move
under my feet"
Life begins at
150 MPH
If you're behind me,
You're where you belong!
Forget World Peace
Use Your Turn Signal!
Don't drive faster than
your angel can fly!
Happiness is...
A belt fed weapon!
I'm not driving FAST...
I'm flying LOW!

(Stay Tuned. More coming! Submissions accepted.)

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