Ring 1
You COULD be a redneck if... Weird Laws
Politically Correct (Or just plain stupid?) Hmmm...
I Know Bubba! Oxymorons (no, they're not stupid cattle!)
Ring 2
If Bill Gates Had Been from the South English is a Crazy Language
Read All About It! (strange headlines) Stress Dieting
Microsoft Navigator? The Truth About Rejection
Ring 3
Things You'll Never Hear Men (or Women) Say Ya Ever Wonder?
You KNOW It's Going to be a Bad Day When... You Know You're Getting Old When...
Do You Have a Dirty Mind? And the Answer Is... Farmer Joe's Accident
Ring 4
The Perfect Shot... Slam the Windows!
You COULD be a Yankee If... (Rednecks Revenge?) Do You Have a Southerner in Your Office?
How to be Annoying Online The Sahara Desert
Ring 5
Bumper Snickers Southern California Freeway Schedule
Three Old Men The Chili Cookoff
An Open Letter from Barbie to Mattel Some Thoughts on Aging...
Ring 6
Rules for calling "Shotgun" Kids! (Parents, your problems are not unique!)
Celebrate! Hasty marriage?
Computers: Male or Female? The Smuggler
Ring 7
Support call to Etch-A-Sketch? News of the Dumb
Umm.. I Mean... I Cannot Do That, Officer.
Women Drivers! The Letter
Ring 8
The Revenge of the Blondes? What Do YOU Think It Is?
Remember When....? A Quote for Him and Her.
Psst! It's a Secret! A Smoking Problem!
Ring 9
Am I Embarrassed! The Invention of Football
You KNOW You're Stressed When... It's a Blonde Thing!
Some Things to Think About? The Panda
Ring 10 (Battle of the Sexes?)
Why Beer Is Better Than Women. Seminars for Males
The Truth About Women Male Bashing
Why Men Are The Way They Are A Woman's Random Thoughts
Ring 11
You Know You Live in Northern New York When: The Spelling Checker
The Suicide Paint My Lines
My Wife What Am I?
Ring 12
The Potato Garden About Redheads
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly You Could be from Alabama If:
Inane Ponderings Top 10 Things a Dad Would Never Say
Ring 13
You Could be Drinking Too Much Coffee If... Speaking of Coffee
Nonstandard Creamer The Case of the Missing Cow
The Elderly Couple Who's to Blame?
Ring 14
You KNOW It's 2007 When... Beer Contains Female Hormones...
Idle Thoughts of a Retiree A Mom's Work Is Never Appreciated
Real Labels Things My Mom Taught Me...

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