Author(s) Unknown
However, I've seen most of these individually in several places

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Act naturallyFound missing
Resident alienAdvanced BASIC
Genuine imitationAirline food
Good griefSame difference
Almost exactlyGovernment organization
Sanitary landfillAlone together
Legally drunkBritish fashion
Small crowdBusiness ethics
Military intelligenceCongressional Ethics
Software documentationCalifornia culture
New classicSweet sorrow
Passive aggressionMicrosoft Works
Taped liveClearly misunderstood
Peace forceToronto Life
Temporary tax increasePlastic glasses
Terribly pleasedPolitical science
Tight slacksDefinite maybe
Pretty uglyJumbo Shrimp
Twelve-ounce pound cakeDiet ice cream
Rap musicWorking vacation
Exact estimateAdult Men

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