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Meet Arnath
(That's me!)

My name is Arnath and I am a dragon. Since I was adopted, I have received a great deal of e-mail from people wanting to know more about dragons and me in particular. I will answer two of the most prevalent asked questions now.

One of the most commonly asked questions is..."Why hasn't anyone one seen dragons 'in the wild'?" The answer to this is three-fold:

  • First, we are not "wild". Humans are less civilized by far.

  • Second, we can change shape and size. I mean really, where do you think the phrase "dragonfly" comes from? To become a "dragonfly" is one of the easiest and quickest to do.

  • Third, if we don't want to be seen we aren't. There are of course exceptions to this rule.

    For example, if you are a very powerful wizard you can see us for what we really are, no matter what form we take.

    Dragons are not the only creatures who have this ability. Others of the First, ie. fairies, pixies, elves and unicorns, can hide themselves as well.
Another frequently asked question is... "Where do dragons live?".

The answer is quite simple, wherever we want to. Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa - Just joking (I am a very witty dragon among my other talents). Seriously, we mostly live with the gargoyles high atop churches and castles. Some dragons live in the forest and others in caverns, some will even live in abandoned buildings (shiver) like uncivilized animals. Personally I think these practices are downright barbarian. Yet others, like myself, are adopted and live among the humans who choose to selter us. The latter being my own prefance.

I did manage to get adopted and now live in a nice castle.
And, I've got a girlfriend, too!
I was digging around through old junk and found my favorite picture. I decided to put it up here for you to see what dragons think is funny.
Just in case you'd like to see what scares a dragon (It scares ME, anyway!), here it is:

There's a lot more to Arnath's story, so keep checking back regularly for more!

(Yes, Arnath really is adopted and here's the certificate to prove it!)

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